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Elecciones mayo 2011


The information on the electoral calendar adopted in Council Department of March 20, 2011 is available at the above link.

The Electoral Commission is composed:

President: DRA. Beatriz Aracil male
Secretary: D. Rafael Sellers Espasa
Member: Ms. Elisa Isabel Valdivieso Ginés

Deputy President: Dr. Francisco Chico Rico
Deputy Secretary: Mr. Francisco Mollà Ruiz
ALTERNATE member: Ms Lourdes Pilar Moreno Campayo

The Forms for the submission of nominations (individual and collective) can be obtained in the previous links.

Election au regulationscan be consulted and the Department of Spanish studies, General Linguistics and literary theory.

Development of the electoral calendar:

20 April, 3, 4, 9, 10 may: public exposure of the Census and complaints % uFEFFl. If it detects any anomaly, please report it to the Electoral Commission.

10 may: publication of the final census % uFEFF.

11, 12, 13, 16, 17 may: nominations % uFEFF

17 may: publication of the provisional list % uFEFF.

18,19,20 may: % uFEFF claims.

20 may: publication of the final list and campaign

23 May: vote

24 May: provisional declaration of applicant

25 may: claims

26 May: final proclamation of candidates

27 May: special Council for the election of Director


Location: Secretariat of the Department
Opening hours:

May 13: provisional proclamation of results

14-19 May: deadline for submission of claims

May 20: final proclamation of results and submission of all documentation of the electoral process to the Secretary of the Department for its archival and custody

May 22: call extraordinary meeting of the new Council of State in which will be elected the Director of the same


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