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Elecciones marzo/mayo 2009


The information on the electoral calendar by the Council of Department of 2 March 2009 available at the link above.

The Electoral Commission up:

PRESIDENT: Dr. Beatriz Aracil Males
SECRETARY: D. Rafael Sellers Espasa
VOCAL: Ms. Elisa Isabel Valdivieso Ginés

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Dr. Francisco Chico Rico
DEPUTY SECRETARY: D. Francisco Mollà Ruiz
VOCAL ALTERNATE: Ms. Lourdes Pilar Moreno Campayo

The print for the nomination ( individual and group ) can be obtained from the links above.

You can check Rules Electoral AU and Department Spanish Philology, General Linguistics and Theory of Literature.

Development of the electoral calendar:

March 9 : public display of voter registration.
See if included in the census of the group ( Doctor PDI , No Doctor and Fellows PDI , PAS , Student ) to which it belongs. If you encounter any problems, please communicate it to Electoral Commission .

March 17: End of complaints against the census.

March 18: Publication final census
(PDI Doctor, Doctor No and Fellows PDI; PAS Students).

March 23: Begins the nomination period (until 31 March).

March 31: Deadline for submitting nominations.
The provisional declaration of candidates is April 1.

April 1: proclamation provisional candidates

From 2 to 7 April: deadline for claims against the proclamation of the provisional candidates.

April 8: Proclamation finally candidates

From April 27 to May 11: deadline for campaign

Place: Secretariat Department

May 13: interim results announcement

From 14 to 19 May: Deadline for submission of claims

20 May: final proclamation of results
and submission of all documentation of the electoral process to the Secretary of the Department for filing and custody

May 22: call an extraordinary meeting of the new Department in the Council to be elected the Director of the

Department of Spanish studies, General Linguistics & literature theory

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